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We offer confidential, sympathetic information and help for people who are considering going bankrupt.

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We can assess your situation, provide information on bankruptcy and help you understand the steps to going bankrupt. Our solutions may not be suitable for every circumstance, Fees may apply and your credit rating may be affected.

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If bankruptcy is unavoidable, the longer it is delayed the worse your financial position is likely to become.

Is bankruptcy right for me?

✓ A Definite Outcome

Most people are discharged from bankruptcy after 12 months at which point all included debts are written off, giving a fresh start.

£ Pay Back What You Can Afford

Any repayments would be at an affordable amount and last up to 36 months.

🔗 Creditor Protection

The Official Receiver, a civil servant, will notify all creditors and administer payments due to them.

📊 Legal Advice on Bankruptcy

If needed, we can help by introducing you to specialist insolvency solicitors who can advise on specific matters or concerns you have relating to bankruptcy.

🚷 Bailiffs Stopped

Bankruptcy could stop bailiffs.

🔓 Easily Accessible

Bankruptcy petitions are now made online via the Insolvency Service portal.

Debts you can include in a formal solution


Credit Cards

Credit Contracts



Payday Loans

Personal Loans

Store Credit

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Money Helper (formerly The Money Advice Service) is a free service set up by the Government to help people make the most of their money. If you would like to learn more click here. is not regulated and is for fact-finding only. We can help assess your circumstances and point you to someone who can provide available options that suit your debt criteria.

If an individual meets the required criteria for an IVA based on our packaged case, this will be passed to one of our partnering Insolvency Practitioners to get direct advice. If the individual does not meet the criteria for an IVA, The Insolvency practitioner is able to provide contact information for other third-party organisations that offer advice on other available debt solutions. For full details view our Privacy Policy.

If you decide that an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement) is not the best option for you after we have prepared the necessary information, you can opt out of the process and have all of your details removed. We receive a fee from the third party that we refer you to for introducing you and for the work we have completed. However, you will not be responsible for paying this fee. The third party will contact you directly to continue the process of your IVA application or to explore other solutions, but only with your permission after we have introduced you.